2017 Best.Drive.EVer. Statewide Ride-and-Drive Series

The PEV Collaborative (PEVC) has identified ride-and-drive events as a high priority and catalyst for PEV adoption in California. We know from industry experience that PEV ride-and-drive events lead directly to PEV sales.  Industry experts have said local automotive dealerships see an uptick in PEV sales and consumer interest immediately following these events.

Getting more PEVs on the road is key to successful mainstream introduction of advanced clean vehicles in support of California’s clean air, climate change, energy and economic goals.  Consumer access and real-world experience behind the wheel of a PEV helps stimulate new prospective buyers and increase PEV sales.

Below are the dates and locations for confirmed PEV Collaborative ride-and-drive events in 2017 being done in coordination with our contractor, Charge Across Town.

Small Grant Program

The PEVC’s small grant project will financially assist organizations with $1,000-$5,000 grants to expand the number of statewide electric car ride-and-drive events, with the goals of getting more people behind the wheel of electric cars and broadening PEVC’s partners. This small grants program is part of the PEVC’s 2017 ride-and-drive program being administered by  PEVC’s contractor Charge Across Town.

These small grants are expected to result in additional ride-and-drive events over and above those planned and staffed by the Best.Drive.EVer. campaign team, but also provide key data gathered from drive-to-purchase survey work completed before and after test drives. The program overview and application for funding is linked down below.  In the application form, please respond to the questions in the space provided and then email the completed form to Meg Ruxton at meg@chargeacrosstown.comThe completed form should not exceed one page. 

The deadline for submissions is April 17, 2017 at 5 p.m. (PDT).  Awards will be announced by 5 p.m. (PDT) on  May 1, 2017.

April 24 – San Diego

UC San Diego EarthDay Month Celebrations: Sustainability Day

April 6 – Oakland

Oakland Earth Expo

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