Mission & Vision


The California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative is a public/private organization focused on accelerating the adoption of PEVs to meet California’s economic, energy and environmental goals.  Using the expertise of each member, the PEV Collaborative convenes, collaborates and communicates on emerging PEV market trends and works to address challenges and enable strong PEV market growth.  See the PEVC brochure to learn more.


The California PEV Collaborative was established after the development of the 2010 Strategic Plan, Taking Charge.  The plan lays out our vision, based on achieving six goals for PEV market success by 2020. They are:

  • Consumers' experiences with PEVs are positive.
  • Ownership costs of PEVs are competitive with conventional vehicles.
  • PEV charging integrates smoothly into an increasingly clean, efficient, reliable, and safe electricity grid. 
  • PEVs advance energy security, air quality, climate change and public health goals. 
  • The PEV market helps create jobs and benefits California's economy. 
  • The PEV market moves beyond early adopters to mainstream consumers.